The Challenges Associated With Repairing Aluminum Vehicles

More and more vehicle manufacturers are using aluminum in the production of passenger cars. While aluminum is a lightweight and affordable material, it can be difficult to repair when damage is sustained in a collision or other accident. Only a body shop that specializes in aluminum repairs should be used when your vehicle needs to have cosmetic flaws addressed.

Here are three reasons why aluminum repairs can be challenging and require a specialized touch.

1. High risk of contamination

Aluminum is considered a ferrous metal, which makes it highly susceptible to damage during the repair process. While a technician is welding aluminum panels together to help remove dents or scratches, the risk for contamination is high.

Even the smallest dust particle that finds its way into the weld seam can cause the aluminum to corrode more easily in the future and could compromise the strength of the weld. Body shops that specialize in repairing aluminum have access to clean rooms where welds can be completed without the risk of contamination.

2. Need for dedicated tools

Because the risk for contamination is so high when working with aluminum vehicle panels, a body shop needs to maintain a set of dedicated tools for these tasks. Tools that are used in the repair process for vehicles constructed of materials other than aluminum cannot be used when working with aluminum.

These universal tools could carry minute particles from previous jobs that will contaminate the aluminum repair process. Body shops that don't specialize in aluminum can find it difficult to invest in two sets of tools, so it's best to seek the help of a specialty shop when you need your aluminum vehicle repaired.

3. Unique repair process

Aluminum repairs cannot be approached like traditional vehicle repairs. Working with aluminum requires technicians to use specialized techniques and processes in order to achieve optimal results. Body shops that specialize in aluminum will have technicians that are trained to work with aluminum.

I-CAR training programs for structural technicians can be completed, and these programs teach technicians to work with three-dimensional measuring tools to ensure a repaired vehicle's frame specifications meet manufacturer recommendations. Taking your vehicle to a body shop that specializes in aluminum will ensure that repairs are done correctly.

If your vehicle was constructed using aluminum panels, it's important that you recognize the value of partnering with a body shop equipped to work with aluminum (like Exoticar Paintworks Inc) when you need repairs.