Basic Repairs To Assist With Improving The Appearance Of An Old Pickup Truck

If you recently purchased an old pickup truck that has seen better days and would like to soup it up in order to turn heads while driving down the road, the following basic truck repairs can be completed to assist with transforming your vehicle from one that is an eyesore into one that looks unique and alluring.

Minimize Rust And Cover Damage With Decals

If there are rust spots on the body of your truck, use a sanding block to minimize signs of corrosion. Once the truck's body feels smooth to your touch, cover any areas that still contain visible damage with vinyl decals. Purchase decals that contain colors or a design that will complement the rest of your truck's exterior. After washing the outside of your truck with automotive detergent that has been mixed with water, rinse off soapy residue with a water hose and wait for the truck to dry.

Peel the backing from each decal and press them all firmly against your vehicle's exterior. Vehicle decals will not loosen or shift when exposed to moisture and can be removed from your truck in the future, if desired, and will not cause additional damage to your vehicle's body.

Clean And Shine Rims

Clean your truck's rims with soapy water and a scrub brush or sponge. Afterwards, rinse them off well with water. After the rims have dried, spray a product on each one that is designed to increase shine. Use a buffing cloth to wipe the product firmly over each metal surface. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe away any of the product that remains on the metal.

If there are any visible scratches on each rim's surface, minimize their appearance by applying metal polish to a buffing pad and wiping it firmly over each one. Cerium oxide can also be applied to a pad and used to treat scratches. Remove excess polish with a clean cloth when finished. 

Clean The Grille And Install A Bug Guard

Clean your truck's grille with a tube brush and soapy water. If there is residue or dead bugs stuck in between the slats that make up the grille, use a plastic putty knife to assist with cleaning the areas. Once finished, dry the grille with a cloth. To minimize the amount of debris that gets stuck on or in between parts of the grille in the future, purchase a bug guard that is designed to fit over the grille. A grille that is a metallic color or that corresponds to the color of the rims or truck's body will help your vehicle stand out as you are cruising down the road.