Plan Your Pan-American Road Trip Adventures With The Right Vehicle

Starting on the coast of the Northwest, you can travel your way across the Americas by car or RV. If you want to have all the comforts of home, an RV can be a good choice, but it may not be as versatile as a smaller car or SUV. The vehicle you choose for your Pan-American road trip needs to have a few common features, such as simple mechanics for repairs and widely available parts. You also want space for gear. Here are some of the vehicles that will make the best choices for a Pan-American road trip:

Classic Minivans (Volkswagens) For Simple Repairs And Widely Available Parts

The roads through all the different countries can be in poor conditions. This is why, if you are planning a Pan-American road trip, you will soon find out that this is a trip where you want to think small. Roads are often underdeveloped and sometimes you may find yourself in sticky situations if you are not prepared. Smaller vehicles like minivans are a good choice. The classics like the Volkswagen Bus are a great choice not only because they are small, but also because they are easy to repair and parts are widely available.  These types of vehicles can be fun, but you will want to plan for repairs along the way.

Vans And RVs With The Best Mobility For Pan-American Traveling

If you want something more reliable with less repair needs, you may want to consider a modern van or small RV. What is important here is to remember to keep it small. Vans can be a good choice because they can easily be adapted to 4 wheel drive, while RVs can be good because they can be more like a home on wheels. There are some model RVs that are built on van chassis, which can give you the best of both worlds. You may want to consider a model with pop-out features to keep it compact. If you are considering a van, you may want to look for a 4x4 van and add features to it like a undercarriage coating to protect against damage.

Prepare For Off-Road Adventures With SUVs And Mid-Sized Pickup Trucks

There are also the outdoor adventures that you may want to experience. If you want to venture off the beaten path, you will want to have a vehicle that can get you through the jungles and rivers along the way. An SUV can be a good choice because of its versatility and space. With the addition of luggage racks, you even have space for supplies on the roof. 

Pan-American travels can be the experience of a lifetime, but it is important that you are well prepared. If you are driving, you want to have a reliable vehicle, multiple travel options, a plan, and provisions for the things you cannot plan for. If you are ready to start your travels, contact a truck parts service like Godfrey Brake Service & Supply to get what you need to start preparing your vehicle.