Rear Bumper Guide For Trucks

An often overlooked aspect of your heavy-duty truck is the rear bumper. The standard bumper that came as stock may get the job done, but it doesn't do much more than that. A custom bumper doesn't just look cool, it can also add usability to your truck. The following guide can help you understand your choices so you can pick the right bumper for your needs.

Step bumper

A step bumper has a wider top surface, usually with a dropped step in the center beneath the license plate frame. Not only does this bumper do the job of protecting the rear of the vehicle from damage, it also gives you easier access to the bed of the truck. As an added advantage, the wider profile provides more support for the truck bed tailgate when open. This can help you avoid damage to the tailgate when loading and unloading heavy items.

Drop bumper

A drop bumper is similar to a step bumper except the entire bumper surface drops down lower and it has a deeper center step. It used to be common on older vehicles, so it has a retro feel when used on a newer truck – especially if you get it in the traditional chrome. One benefit of this bumper is that is can support a hitch for heavier towing job, so that you don't have to have a hitch undermounted to the frame of your truck.

Roll pan bumper

This bumper is usually chosen for its sleek look. It gives the appearance that there is no bumper on your truck, just a smooth rounded edge at the bottom of the tailgate. As an added benefit, it usually has a higher profile than more traditional designs, which increases the ground clearance at the rear of the truck bed. This can be helpful if you often need to back in over low loading docks or other obstructions.

Tube bumpers

Tube bumpers are usually made of steel. They are designed for off-roading, where the tubes of steel provide optimum protection to the front of the truck from rocks and other debris, while being streamlined and light enough so that they don't get hung up on obstructions. When placed on the rear of the truck, it is more to give a consistent look to the vehicle because this bumper is also in use on the front end.

For more help in picking the perfect bumper, contact a custom truck parts dealer in your area.